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Local Flooding Remediation Update

We have received the following update from Falkirk Council on 3 areas which are prone to flooding across our Community Council area and for which we have been liaising with Falkirk Council. They 3 areas are Tryst Road, Broomage Avenue (Spar shop) and cycle lanes on Bellsdyke Road.

TRYST ROAD – A scheme has been designed to improve the surface water drainage system in Tryst Road.  The work requires access to Tryst Golf Club land to reach underground drainage pipes and manholes and Falkirk Council is currently negotiating with the Golf Club for access.  As soon as this is received the scheme will progress.  Funding is available this financial year so the work should be complete prior to the end of March 2015.

BROOMAGE AVENUE (NEAR SPAR SHOP) With regard to recurrent flooding of Broomage Avenue adjacent to the Spar shop, again Falkirk Council has been progressing the matter.  The problem here appears to be a capacity problem with the Chapel Burn culvert which the road gully outfalls are connected to.  The pipe work associated with the gullies is clear.  This is a matter that roads maintenance is in the process of forwarding to the Council’s Engineering Design Unit. They have discussed the matter with them and been advised that the culvert has been camera surveyed recently and not been found to have any obvious obstructions that could restrict its capacity. However they understand that standing water adjacent to the shop is a hazard and the matter will be looked at for a solution again.

BELLSDYKE ROAD (incl CYCLE LANES) – 3 main areas of flooding have been identified and these are shown on the below plans.  Falkirk Council intends to deploy a high pressure jetting unit to these locations to clear gully tails and prove clear connections to the carrier pipe system.  This will be done as soon as they can arrange it.   If this isn’t successful in clearing piped systems, Falkirk Council will undertake camera surveys and get to the root of any problems.

A88 Bellsdyke Road, Larbert – Flooding and A88 Bellsdyke Road, Larbert – Flooding 2

October Community Council Meeting Notification

The October meeting of the Community Council will be held in the Rennie Lounge of Larbert Old Church on Monday 27th October 2014 at 7:15pm.

We have a number of speakers at our October meeting:

  • Police Scotland
  • Larbert High School – Youth report
  • Malaika Rose – Action on Hearing Loss

As well as agenda items and key matters arising, two of the key discussion points at the October meeting will be:

  • Ongoing strong odours in Kinnaird Village/Inches area
  • Speed cushions and waiting restrictions on Foundry Loan

All are welcome to attend the meeting and to contribute to discussions or to raise any issues.

If you unable to attend the meeting but have any matters you wish to raise with us, please e-mail us as soon as possible on or post a comment on this page or our Facebook page.

Foundry Loan – Speed Cushions and Parking Concerns

It is the next meeting of the Community Council on Monday 27th October. In advance of the meeting, we would like to gather as many views as possible on the speed cushions and parking concerns on Foundry Loan. Please comment and share this post with anyone you know who uses the road. You can also e-mail any comments to
It has been a few months since the speed cushions were replaced. The Community Council agreed with Falkirk Council in advance of the replacement that we would carry out a full consultation with local residents on the future of the speed cushions. Since the cushions have been replaced, we have questioned the requirement for us to proceed with a full consultation as we have received no complaints about the new cushions. We have subsequently agreed that any consultation should wait until Main Street re-opens and traffic flows along Foundry Loan return back to normal. In the interim, we would be keen to hear resident’s views on the replacement cushions.
We have also written to Falkirk Council to express concern and request urgent action over the growing parking issues on Foundry Loan – particularly near and over the junctions, near the speed cushions and where the lollipop person operates.
Falkirk Council has advised us that they do not intend to undertake any review of the waiting restrictions until the outcome of the Community Council’s consultation on the speed cushions. They have advised that: “the extent of any waiting restrictions is dependent on whether the speed cushions on Foundry Loan remain. For example, if the cushions remain, extensive double yellow lines on both sides of Foundry Loan would be necessary to ensure goods vehicles/buses negotiate the cushion in a manner which minimises noise, vibration and discomfort to bus passengers. The extensive use of double yellow lines will require significant police enforcement to be effective. In addition, extensive use of double yellow lines will move vehicles, which would otherwise park on Foundry Loan, into the adjacent side streets with knock on effects for residents in these streets. Conversely, if the cushions were removed, more on street parking could be accommodated on Foundry Loan and there would be double yellow lines concentrated at junctions. This would reduce the knock on commuter parking effect on the adjacent side streets.”
We are keen to hear any initial views on Falkirk Council’s comments in order that we can discuss them on Monday evening and to assist us to determine a response to Falkirk and to consider what action to take. Residents are more than welcome to come along to the meeting to contribute to the discussion. The meeting will start at 7:15pm in the halls of Larbert Old Church. We will post the outcome of the discussion and agreed next steps early next week.
Many thanks for all your support in taking forward this important matter.

Volunteering Day – 25 October 2014

Communities Along The Carron Association and the Scottish Wildlife Trust have organised a volunteering day from 10am-3pm on Saturday 25th October at the Larbert High School garden and the Carron Dams Local Nature Reserve.

Both organisations are joining forces to carry out work at the 2 sites. Activities will include gardening, litter picking and vegetation clearance. Scottish Power is also sending 15 volunteers on a Corporate Social Responsibility work day to assist.

Volunteers should meet at the Larbert High School garden. Parking is available at Larbert High School. The garden is on the furthest most side of the LHS building – far right when facing the school building.

Organisers will be there from 9.30am. Tea, coffee and toilets will be available but volunteers should bring a packed lunch. Dress for the weather and volunteers can assist for as short or as long as they can, all help will be greatly appreciated by CATCA and SWT.

Strange Smells Update – Response from Falkirk Council

As advised we wrote to Falkirk Council and received the under-noted response from the Council’s Environmental Health and Trading Standards Manager. We have noted that the first smell complaint the Community Council received on our Facebook page was on 12th September pre-dated the spreading noted in the response and the most recent on the 9th October after completion of the spreading.

We would welcome any comments you may have on Falkirk Council’s response in order that we can agree a response as appropriate to Falkirk Council – please post your comments here or e-mail them to us at:

In addition, Falkirk Council has advised the direct phone number for registering smell complaints is 01324 504982. We would urge residents to continue to register any ongoing smell complaints in the area as soon as you detect them in order that they can be investigated.

Falkirk Council’s response:

“I can confirm that enhanced treated sewage sludge was being spread onto fields at Kersebrock farm, from the 22nd September till the 25th, ploughing continued until the 29th. During this period there was an easterly wind which unfortunately blew the resultant odours across the Larbert/Torwood area. The odours were eliminated as soon as the material was ploughed into the ground, however unfortunately there was a delay with the plough completing the work due to adverse ground conditions. The last complaint received at this office was on the 30th September at which time officers checked the area and did not detect any odours.

Further spreading took place at Kersebrock on the 2nd & 3rd October, however there was a westerly wind and no complaints were received and officers monitoring the area did not detect any odours in the vicinity. The farmer who owns a number of fields to the west of Larbert has been contacted and confirmed that he has not been spreading any kind of fertiliser in the area. Officers have checked the area west and south west of Larbert and there are no signs of agricultural activity that would cause any odours. Officers have not been aware of any odours in the area since the 26th September, and no complaints have been received since the 29th. An officer checked the area again on 8th October and there was no odour or signs of agricultural activity in the area.

It has been confirmed that the sludge used at Kersebrock farm complies with the Sludge (Use in Agriculture) Regulations and the DETR Code of Practise for Agricultural Use of Sewage Sludge.

Due to its nature, sewage sludge will always have an associated odour while spreading operations take place. If the material is ploughed into the ground, the odour will disappear quickly thereafter, however if the sludge is to be used as a “top dressing” then it will lie on the surface of the field and the odour may be present for several days (depending on the weather).

The spreading operations have been carried out in compliance with government legislation and relevant guidance. Consequently council officers have no grounds or powers to prevent further spreading.

I would recommend that constituents contact this office when there is an odour present in order that the matter may be investigated promptly.”

Dart Energy Planning Appeals Update

The Community Council received the following update from the Case Officer at the Directorate For Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) today in relation to the Dart Energy planning appeals (PPA-240-2032 & PPA-390-2029):

“I am writing to confirm that Scottish Ministers have decided that the appeals should be recalled for their own determination given there is a high level of public interest in these proposals. There was considerable interest in this issue during the drafting of the Scottish Planning Policy (SPP), recently finalised. In light of this interest and relevance to the implementation of the SPP, Ministers consider there to be a national interest that would be best served by further scrutiny of these proposals.

The reporters will now therefore submit a report, with recommendations to Scottish Ministers, who will make the final decision on these appeals.”

We will continue to post any updates here.

For further information on the appeal, go to: and search under case reference PPA-240-2032

To view the Scottish Government’s news release on the decision, see:

Network Rail – Larbert Newsletter – Issue 4 – September 2014

Network Rail is currently distributing its September newsletter on the bridgeworks in Larbert to local households. The newsletter contains an update on project progress, forthcoming dates for night time working and dates for closure of the Foundry Loan/Main Street junction. To view the newsletter, please click Network Rail – Sept 2014 – Larbert Newsletter .

We’ve received 2 roads orders for this weekend from Falkirk Council. Looks like the junction will now be closed from 0:00 hours (midnight) on Saturday 11th October through to 8am on Monday 13th October. Please check local road signage over the weekend for any updates.

The orders we have received are as follows:

  • TTRO/612 received 6 October advises that the junction will be temporarily closed from  20:00 hours on 11th October to 08:00 hours on 12th October, and then from 20:00 hours on 12th to 08:00 hours on the 13th October.
  • TTRO/616 received today advises that the junction will be temporarily closed from 00:00 hours on 11th October to 20:00 hours on 11th October, and 08:00 hours on 12th October to 20:00 hours on 12th October

We’ve also received advance notice (TTRO/613) that the junction will be closed from 00:00 hours on 18th October through to 0:800 hours on 20th October.

Kinnaird Primary School Update

The Community Council has recently heard various rumours about catchment areas changing for Kinnaird Primary School and capacity concerns at the school. For example, we heard that new houses in Kinnaird would have Airth Primary as their catchment school. As a result, we contacted Gary Greenhorn, the Head of Education Planning and Resources at Falkirk Council, for an update on Kinnaird Primary School.

We received the following response which we hope will provide reassurance to residents and families in the area. We will remain in contact with Education at Falkirk Council for regular updates on Kinnaird and all the other schools within the Community Council area.

“Catchment Area Changes
• Nothing has changed and we have no plans to change this at present.
• If we were planning any catchment area changes the Community Council would have to be consulted on this in any case.
• The example given is non-substantiated rumour.

Kinnaird PS – Capacity
• We have carried out internal improvements to increase the capacity of the nursery by 40 places to allow children from the local catchment area to be accommodated.
• Additional modular accommodation has been installed on site that will give the school additional class and ancillary space.
• Internal alterations have also been made within the school to create an additional classroom.
• The school are currently operating with a 17 class configuration which is an additional 2 classes from last year.
• We along with the school will continue to monitor the school roll over the next year.
• We intend to update our school roll/capacity projections in December once the results of the annual school census information is known.”