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New Gym in Stenhousemuir Update

Falkirk Community Trust came along to our meeting last night to update us on their plans for the new gym in the 3 empty units next to the Strathcarron Hospice Furniture store in Stenhousemuir.

Here is a brief summary of the key points:

~ There will be a gym with state of the art technology & equipment (Life Fitness).
~ There will be a fitness studio running around 40-50 classes per week ranging from teen/young adult classes to high impact classes to mind/body classes.
~ There will be teen sessions in the gym.
~ The Active Forth referral programme will also operate at the facility.
~ There will be full changing facilities available.
~ Recruitment of additional Falkirk Community Trust staff will take place in the next few weeks – posts advertised across facilities are likely to include cleaners, FT/PT gym instructors, FT/PT receptionists, supervisors etc.
~ Work will start in June 2015 and the gym is expected to open at the end of August 2015.
~ Pricing & membership packages will be the same as other Falkirk Community Trust facilities.
~ Opening hours are likely to be Mon-Fri: 6:30am to 9:30pm and weekends: 8am to 7pm.

Local car club – would you be interested in one?

Falkirk Council has arranged for a brief presentation at our meeting on Monday evening from Richard Armitage – who helped set Edinburgh City Car Club up – to explain how it all works and give an opportunity for those interested to see a car club car, and its in-car booking system.

In partnership with Carplus (, Falkirk Council is carrying out the Falkirk Car Club Feasibility Study which will consider local demand and investigate the expected take up of car club membership.

If you are interested in hearing more about it, please come along to our meeting on Monday evening (27th April) at 7:15pm in the halls of Larbert Old Church. Please note this was a late request and is not on our published agenda.

More information will follow after our meeting but here is some brief information on the benefits we have been advised of in advance of our meeting:

“Owning your own car can really be a hassle – repairs, servicing and renewing insurance – always something to worry about. But what if you could leave all that to somebody else? What if you could walk down the street and climb into a clean, new car that has its own guaranteed parking space, and drive away? That’s what a car club can do for you – all the convenience of a car without the stress of owning one. Just book online or by phone, and you’re sorted. A car when you need one, not when you don’t. If you drive less than 6-8,000 miles per year then a car club could save you up to £3,500 a year. Replacing a second family car with car club membership can bring even more cash savings. A lot of people don’t notice the true costs of running a car, but when you add up the cost of tax, MOT, fuel, servicing, repairs, depreciation and parking you could be looking at an average of over a hundred pounds a week!”

April 2015 Meeting Notification

The April meeting of the Community Council will be held in the Rennie Lounge of Larbert Old Church on Monday 27th April 2015 at 7:15pm.

•To view the agenda for the meeting, please click here: LSTCC Agenda – 27 April 2015.

•To view the minutes from our previous meeting on 30th March 2015, please click here: LSTCC Minutes 30 March 2015

At the meeting, we will have our regular monthly updates from Police Scotland and Larbert High School. We are also pleased to be welcoming Karen Armstrong from Falkirk Community Trust along to the meeting to provide us with an update on progress with the proposed gym in Stenhousemuir Town Centre.

In addition, Richard Armitage who set-up the Edinburgh City Car Club will also be coming along to talk to us about local car clubs as part of a feasibility study being carried out by Falkirk Council to establish a local car club.

All are welcome to attend the meeting and to contribute to discussions or to raise any issues.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but have any matters you wish to raise with us, please e-mail us as soon as possible on or post a comment on our Facebook page.

Windfarm Community Benefit Fund – Have Your Say!

There’s still time to complete our online survey to help shape the community action plan for the windfarm funds. The closing date for the survey is Monday 27th April 2015 and the link to the survey is:

In addition, our Images of My Community photography competition is still open until 30 April 2015. To view the full rules of the competition and how to enter, please see:

Please help up reach more local residents by sharing this information.

Local Development Plan – Examination Report

Falkirk Council has issued the following update on the Falkirk Local Development Plan following the publication of the Examination Report. The Proposed Plan contains a vision, spatial strategy, policies and proposals indicating how the Falkirk Council area should develop over the plan period, 2014-34, including new housing, economic development, infrastructure and green network proposals.

“LDP Examination Report Issued

The Examination Report for the Falkirk Local Development Plan was published on 6 March 2015, just over a year after the Proposed Plan was submitted by the Council to Scottish Ministers. The Report, prepared by Reporters from the Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeals, gives recommendations on each of the 29 unresolved issues raised by representations to the plan.

The Examination process has involved a number of further information requests from Reporters to the Council and other parties. However, there have been no inquiry sessions or hearings.

The Reporters’ have generally supported the Council’s approach to strategic housing land targets and supply, but have recommended additional policy wording to cover the situation should a housing land shortfall occur during the life of the plan. There have been relatively few recommendations to change allocated housing sites. Three sites have been recommended for removal from the plan – Wood Street, Grangemouth, and Duke Street and Nethermains Road, Denny – while one small site has been added at Pretoria Road, Larbert.

Likewise, there has been little change in terms of economic development sites, with just two sites at Lochlands, Larbert and Firs Park, Falkirk recommended for removal. Changes have been recommended to reflect the new National Developments in National Planning Framework (NPF) 3, including a proposal for carbon capture and storage which is to be identified schematically to the north east of Grangemouth Docks.

Various wording changes have been recommended to policies, including those on major hazards, town centres, renewable energy and minerals. A number of these are to take account of the new Scottish Planning Policy. The preparation of supplementary guidance on renewable energy technologies other than wind is also recommended. Policies for the provision of community infrastructure and affordable housing, and the infrastructure proposals in the plan, have been supported

The recommendations are largely binding on the Council, who now have to prepare and approve a modified plan to send off finally to Scottish Ministers. Thereafter adoption would take place, which is programmed to happen in June 2015.

The Examination Report can be viewed at .”

Police Message – Sneak-In Thefts

Police Scotland has sent us the following message in relation to a crime which took place yesterday in our Community Council area:

“On Wednesday 15th April 2015, between 1930-1945hrs, at Carronlea Drive, Carron, a house was entered whilst the occupant was putting items away in the garden shed. Jewellery was stolen from the house and the offender made good his escape. Residents are to be aware of the security of their property at all times, even when in different parts of their home or garden.”

Your Community, Your Say, Now.

As you are probably aware, the Larbert, Stenhousemuir and Torwood community area will receive funding from wind farm developments over the lifetime of the windfarm. We want to hear the views of all residents about how best this money should be spent. This will form the basis of a Community Action Plan that will be prepared by Community Enterprise.

Please take a few minutes to complete this important survey and make sure that your voice is heard. We know that people within households do not always share the same views so, it would be great if each member (including young people) completed their own copy of the survey.

Click on the link below to begin.

Images of My Community Photography Competition

As you know, we have been consulting with the residents of our area to create a community plan and to decide how best to spend or invest the money from the Todhill Windfarm Community Benefit fund.

We are holding a Facebook photography competition as part of this consultation and we invite your entries – please note the exciting prize!

Competition rules are as follows:

  •  Photos can be taken of any part of Larbert, Stenhousemuir and Torwood. It can be of people, places – the best bits and the worst bits!
  • The submission must not contain material that is inappropriate, indecent or obscene including any material which promotes discrimination
  • Photos of people can only be submitted if the people in the photos have given their permission.
  • We will reference the photographer at all times
  • All photo entries can be used by the LST Community Council in their materials while putting together their 10 year plan.
  • The prize will be a £100 voucher for PC World or Currys
  • It cannot be redeemed for a cash prize.
  • The winner will be notified by email or Facebook, depending on which details we hold for the individual.
  • There is no age restriction – this is open from everyone aged from 1 – 100+!
  • Closing date for the competition is 30th April
  • Images of my Community Competition winner will be announced and awarded to the winner by the 15th May 2015
  • We have the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.
  • Any queries can be brought to the attention of

Please submit your entries as a comment to our Facebook page or e-mail them to:

Community Safety Team Update – March 2015. Focus on Dog Fouling, Youth Disorder & Littering

The Falkirk Council Community Safety Team gave the following update at our meeting on 30th March 2015.

DOG FOULING – Presently the Community Safety Team are currently working on 6 dog fouling complaints that are mainly concentrated within and around the streets off Carronvale Road, Larbert. Most are concerned with people walking their dos to and from Ladeside Primary School and not picking up their fouling. Extra patrols have been put in place and dog bags handed out to some dog walkers. Dog fouling remains a priority for the Community Safety Team.

YOUTH DISORDER – The Community Safety Team is currently looking into 6 anti-social behaviour issues. The bus shelter at the car park in Foundry Loan, Larbert has been the source of several complaints with youths taking sofas and chairs to the location, drinking and being a general nuisance. Items are being removed by the Council from this shelter when they are seen. There is an ongoing complaint about youths playing in the evening at the entrance to Kinnaird Primary School. The youths have been spoken to but no anti-social behaviour has been witnessed. There are 4 complaints centred around Hallam Road, Main Street and King Street in Stenhousemuir. Historically these have been meeting places for youths and incidents of anti-social behaviour occasionally occur. Youths have been spoken to on several occasions and have moved on. Their mood has generally been jovial. Recent incidents in the Valley which have involved the Police are also being monitored by the Community Safety Team.

LITTERNG – The team continue to deal with littering offences when seen and also keep a presence in Stenhousemuir town centre in an effort to keep the littering down when the pupils from Larbert High School break for lunch. This is a challenging task due to the high number of pupils and numerous places that they frequent throughout the area.

The Community Safety Team can be contacted as follows:
Phone: Anti-social Behaviour Reporting Line: 0808 100 3161 – Freephone 24/7
Facebook: (Please Like and Share)

For more information on the Community Safety & Litter Strategy Teams, please click here: CST Overview