Dr. Bike sessions with Recyke-a-Bike at Forth Valley Royal Hospital

NHS Forth Valley has asked if we can publicise the dates for the 2014 Dr Bike sessions they have organised with Recycke-a-bike. Anyone from the local community can pop around with their bikes to get them checked out. The majority of the sessions will be located at the rear of the hospital close to the staff entrance and bike parking. The two sessions during Bike Week will be at the front of the Hospital.

· Wed 30th April – 8am to 2pm;
· Wed 14th May – 8am to 2pm;
· Wed 28th May – 8am to 2pm;
· Tue 17th and Wed 18th June (Bike Week) – 8am to 2pm on both days:
· Wed 2nd July 8am to 2pm;
· Wed 16th July 8am to 2pm;
· Wed 30th July 8am to 2pm;
· Wed 20th August 8am to 2pm;
· Wed 3rd September 8am to 2pm;
· Wed 17th September 8am to 2pm;

We will schedule some reminders each month!


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