Falkirk Local Development Plan – Consultation on Supplementary Guidance

Falkirk Council is preparing and consulting on a range of Supplementary Guidance (SG) which will accompany the Local Development Plan (LDP). At this stage, they have published, and are seeking comments on the following three draft Supplementary Guidance notes:

  • SG02 Neighbourhood Design Guide – Revised SG which provides design guidance for housing layout and design which reflects the Scottish Government’s policy on ‘Designing Streets’.
  • SG03 Residential Extensions and Alterations – Revised SG which provides design advice for householders making a planning application for a residential extension / alteration.
  • SG14 Spatial Framework and Guidance for Wind Energy Development – Revised SG which provides a spatial framework to guide wind energy developments, in the terms required by the revised Scottish Planning Policy, and guidance on the key factors which the Council will take into account in assessing wind turbine proposals. SG14 has been subject to Strategic Environmental Assessment under the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005, and comments are also invited on the Environmental Report associated with this SG. SG14 is also supported by a technical report explaining the justification for community separation areas in the guidance.

These SGs are part of a series of sixteen SG notes which are linked to the Local Development Plan and will provide further detailed guidance and interpretation to support the planning policies contained in it. Under the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997, as amended, SG now has a statutory basis and forms a part of the development plan.

Copies of the documents are available online via the Council’s website www.falkirk.gov.uk/sg or can be viewed at Abbotsford House, One Stop Shops and libraries during normal opening hours.

If you wish to make comments on the draft SG notes please make them in writing to Falkirk Council using the following contact details by Friday 16th January 2015:

•By email to ldp@falkirk.gov.uk
•By post to Falkirk Council, Development Services, Planning and Environment Unit, Abbotsford House, David’s Loan, Falkirk FK2 7YZ

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