Foundry Loan – Speed Cushions and Parking Concerns

It is the next meeting of the Community Council on Monday 27th October. In advance of the meeting, we would like to gather as many views as possible on the speed cushions and parking concerns on Foundry Loan. Please comment and share this post with anyone you know who uses the road. You can also e-mail any comments to
It has been a few months since the speed cushions were replaced. The Community Council agreed with Falkirk Council in advance of the replacement that we would carry out a full consultation with local residents on the future of the speed cushions. Since the cushions have been replaced, we have questioned the requirement for us to proceed with a full consultation as we have received no complaints about the new cushions. We have subsequently agreed that any consultation should wait until Main Street re-opens and traffic flows along Foundry Loan return back to normal. In the interim, we would be keen to hear resident’s views on the replacement cushions.
We have also written to Falkirk Council to express concern and request urgent action over the growing parking issues on Foundry Loan – particularly near and over the junctions, near the speed cushions and where the lollipop person operates.
Falkirk Council has advised us that they do not intend to undertake any review of the waiting restrictions until the outcome of the Community Council’s consultation on the speed cushions. They have advised that: “the extent of any waiting restrictions is dependent on whether the speed cushions on Foundry Loan remain. For example, if the cushions remain, extensive double yellow lines on both sides of Foundry Loan would be necessary to ensure goods vehicles/buses negotiate the cushion in a manner which minimises noise, vibration and discomfort to bus passengers. The extensive use of double yellow lines will require significant police enforcement to be effective. In addition, extensive use of double yellow lines will move vehicles, which would otherwise park on Foundry Loan, into the adjacent side streets with knock on effects for residents in these streets. Conversely, if the cushions were removed, more on street parking could be accommodated on Foundry Loan and there would be double yellow lines concentrated at junctions. This would reduce the knock on commuter parking effect on the adjacent side streets.”
We are keen to hear any initial views on Falkirk Council’s comments in order that we can discuss them on Monday evening and to assist us to determine a response to Falkirk and to consider what action to take. Residents are more than welcome to come along to the meeting to contribute to the discussion. The meeting will start at 7:15pm in the halls of Larbert Old Church. We will post the outcome of the discussion and agreed next steps early next week.
Many thanks for all your support in taking forward this important matter.

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