Kinnaird Primary School Update

The Community Council has recently heard various rumours about catchment areas changing for Kinnaird Primary School and capacity concerns at the school. For example, we heard that new houses in Kinnaird would have Airth Primary as their catchment school. As a result, we contacted Gary Greenhorn, the Head of Education Planning and Resources at Falkirk Council, for an update on Kinnaird Primary School.

We received the following response which we hope will provide reassurance to residents and families in the area. We will remain in contact with Education at Falkirk Council for regular updates on Kinnaird and all the other schools within the Community Council area.

“Catchment Area Changes
• Nothing has changed and we have no plans to change this at present.
• If we were planning any catchment area changes the Community Council would have to be consulted on this in any case.
• The example given is non-substantiated rumour.

Kinnaird PS – Capacity
• We have carried out internal improvements to increase the capacity of the nursery by 40 places to allow children from the local catchment area to be accommodated.
• Additional modular accommodation has been installed on site that will give the school additional class and ancillary space.
• Internal alterations have also been made within the school to create an additional classroom.
• The school are currently operating with a 17 class configuration which is an additional 2 classes from last year.
• We along with the school will continue to monitor the school roll over the next year.
• We intend to update our school roll/capacity projections in December once the results of the annual school census information is known.”

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