Local Development Plan – Examination Report

Falkirk Council has issued the following update on the Falkirk Local Development Plan following the publication of the Examination Report. The Proposed Plan contains a vision, spatial strategy, policies and proposals indicating how the Falkirk Council area should develop over the plan period, 2014-34, including new housing, economic development, infrastructure and green network proposals.

“LDP Examination Report Issued

The Examination Report for the Falkirk Local Development Plan was published on 6 March 2015, just over a year after the Proposed Plan was submitted by the Council to Scottish Ministers. The Report, prepared by Reporters from the Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeals, gives recommendations on each of the 29 unresolved issues raised by representations to the plan.

The Examination process has involved a number of further information requests from Reporters to the Council and other parties. However, there have been no inquiry sessions or hearings.

The Reporters’ have generally supported the Council’s approach to strategic housing land targets and supply, but have recommended additional policy wording to cover the situation should a housing land shortfall occur during the life of the plan. There have been relatively few recommendations to change allocated housing sites. Three sites have been recommended for removal from the plan – Wood Street, Grangemouth, and Duke Street and Nethermains Road, Denny – while one small site has been added at Pretoria Road, Larbert.

Likewise, there has been little change in terms of economic development sites, with just two sites at Lochlands, Larbert and Firs Park, Falkirk recommended for removal. Changes have been recommended to reflect the new National Developments in National Planning Framework (NPF) 3, including a proposal for carbon capture and storage which is to be identified schematically to the north east of Grangemouth Docks.

Various wording changes have been recommended to policies, including those on major hazards, town centres, renewable energy and minerals. A number of these are to take account of the new Scottish Planning Policy. The preparation of supplementary guidance on renewable energy technologies other than wind is also recommended. Policies for the provision of community infrastructure and affordable housing, and the infrastructure proposals in the plan, have been supported

The recommendations are largely binding on the Council, who now have to prepare and approve a modified plan to send off finally to Scottish Ministers. Thereafter adoption would take place, which is programmed to happen in June 2015.

The Examination Report can be viewed at www.falkirk.gov.uk/ldp .”

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