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Bus Service Provision – The Inches/Kinnaird Village

Falkirk Council’s Transport Planning Unit has received a number of requests to review the route of Service 59 between Letham and Falkirk. Some passengers have expressed concern about the journey time and reliability of the current route, which operates via The Inches/Kinnaird and Forth Valley Royal Hospital. All subsidised bus services are due to be retendered in 2016 and as part of this process, Falkirk Council will be considering a number of options for the future of Service 59.

Falkirk Council is now consulting with local residents to help them to provide the most appropriate service for residents of The Inches and Kinnaird Village if Service 59 is diverted to operate via a more direct route.

In order to assist with this consultation process a questionnaire has been designed to gather comments from local residents. The questionnaire can be accessed by clicking here: The Inches Questionnaire.

Please return this form to Falkirk Council, Development Services, Abbotsford House, Davids Loan, Falkirk, FK2 7YZ or email a scanned copy to transportplanning@falkirk.gov.uk

Responses should be received by 15 April 2016.



Falkirk Open Space Strategy Consultation

Falkirk Council is consulting on their draft Open Space Strategy. The Open Space Strategy sets out the vision for the future of the parks and open spaces in our area.

The draft strategy can be viewed at: http://www.falkirk.gov.uk/services/council-democracy/consultations-surveys/consultation.aspx?aid=3731

The consultation has been extended to 7th March 2016 and the link to the survey can be found at: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/falkirkopenspace2015

Given the importance of open space and parks within the Larbert, Stenhousemuir & Torwood area, we invited Falkirk Council along to our meeting on Monday 29th February to give us an overview of the draft strategy and to answer any questions residents may have on the plans.

A copy of the presentation can be found by clicking here: LSTCC Open Space Strategy Presentation – Feb 2016.

We would encourage all residents to complete the survey and if there are any specific points you would like the Community Council to consider within our response, to let us know as soon as possible by posting a comment here or e-mailing us at lst-cc@virginmedia.com in advance of Monday 7th March.

Falkirk Council Budget Savings Presentation – Tuesday 26th January, 7pm in the halls of Larbert Old Church

Falkirk Council has to make a massive £51m of savings over the next 3 years. The Community Council has invited Mary Pitcaithly, Chief Executive of Falkirk Council and Bryan Smail, Chief Finance Officer to a special open public meeting to provide an overview of the options for the savings and to enable members of the local community to ask questions on the impact on local services and the local community.

We would like to invite all local residents, businesses, and organisations to come along and take this opportunity to hear about the savings from Falkirk Council’s Chief Executive and to raise any questions or concerns they have.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday 26th January at 7pm in the halls of Larbert Old Church.

The link to the savings proposals can be found at: http://www.falkirk.gov.uk/services/council-democracy/budgets-spending-performance/budget-savings.aspx

Have your say on the future delivery of health and social care services

The consultation on the Falkirk Health and Social Care Partnership Integrated Strategic Plan, is now available at the link below.


NHS Forth Valley and Falkirk Council want to hear your thoughts and views on the plan which sets out how services will be delivered across the Falkirk area over the next three years. What matters to you is important and this is your opportunity to influence the way local health and social care services are developed and delivered.

You can feedback by:
• Completing the online survey.
• Emailing your comments to integration@falkirk.gov.uk
• Telephoning 01324 504021and they will arrange for someone to call you back
• Submit comments in writing to: Freepost FALKIRK COUNCIL

The deadline for feedback is 31st December 2015

Community Action Plan – Research Report

Larbert, Stenhousemuir and Torwood Community Council is working with the support of Foundation Scotland, to manage community benefit funds which will come to the local community through the Todhill Windfarm project. The funds will bring an expected £24,000 annual income to the community. In order to ensure the best use of this money and that it is used in a way that meets the needs of the area the Community Council will develop a Community Action Plan which will identify the key themes and specific projects that will be adopted within the area over the next 10 years. To assist with the research and writing the Action Plan, the Community Council received funding from Local Energy Scotland/CARES and commissioned the services of Community Enterprise.

The community consultation has informed the Research Report and based on the findings of this research, a 10 Year Community Action Plan will now be developed and distributed throughout the community. We hope to publish the Action Plan in late June/early July 2015.

Community consultation for the Research Report took place between March and May 2015. We are very grateful to everyone who kindly completed the survey and to everyone who participated in one of the open meetings and/or focus groups.

To view the research report and findings from the consultation, please click on the following link: Larbert, Stenhousemuir & Torwood – Final Research Report – 2015

Falkirk Local Development Plan – Consultation on Supplementary Guidance

Falkirk Council is preparing and consulting on a range of Supplementary Guidance (SG) which will accompany the Local Development Plan (LDP). At this stage, they have published, and are seeking comments on the following three draft Supplementary Guidance notes:

SG04 Shopfronts – Revised SG which provides design guidance for businesses making a planning application to alter, refurbish or replace shopfronts.

SG11 Healthcare and New Housing Development – New SG which provides guidance to developers on the level of financial contributions expected where new residential development is proposed within an area where there are deficiencies in healthcare facilities.

SG15 Low and Zero Carbon Development – New SG which provides guidance and advice to developers on how low and zero carbon development technologies may be incorporated into the development process to ensure that there has been an overall reduction in C02 emissions to meet Building Standard Regulations.

These SGs are part of a series of seventeen SG notes which are linked to the LDP and will provide further detailed guidance and interpretation to support the planning policies contained in it. Under the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997, as amended, SG now has a statutory basis and forms a part of the development plan.

Copies of the documents are available online via the Council’s website www.falkirk.gov.uk/sg or can be viewed at Abbotsford House, One Stop Shops and libraries during normal opening hours.

If you wish to make comments on the draft SG notes please make them in writing using the following contact details by Friday 3rd July 2015:

•By email to ldp@falkirk.gov.uk
•By post to Falkirk Council, Development Services, Planning and Environment Unit, Abbotsford House, David’s Loan, Falkirk FK2 7YZ

If there are any matters you wish the Community Council to consider in relation to these documents, please leave a comment here or e-mail us at lst-cc@virginmedia.com

Underground Coal Gasification – Public Exhibitions

Cluff Natural Resources Plc is currently developing the plans for a deep offshore Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) Production Test in the Kincardine-Grangemouth area.

Members of the project team are holding two public exhibitions to provide members of the local community and other interested parties with information about the project and to give feedback.

This is the first round of consultation and comments received at these public exhibitions will help inform the assessment work and design development prior to entering the formal planning application process.

The public exhibitions will take place on:

Thursday 4th June 2015 – 13.00 – 19.00 – Stephen Memorial Hall, Back Street, Culross, KY12 8HP

Friday 5th June 2015 – 13.00 – 19.00 – Grangemouth Town Hall, Bo’ness Road, Grangemouth, FK3 8AN

If you are unable to attend on either of the dates above but have a query you would like to discuss with the project team, please contact: kincardine@cluffnaturalresources.com

Public Meeting for Results of Community Consultation – 28th May 2015

In preparation for the wind farm community benefit funding being generated through the Todhill Wind Farm, the Community Council has been working with Community Enterprise supported by funding we have received through Local Energy Scotland to help us to identify local priorities to generate a local community action plan. We have had a tremendous response to the online survey and attendance at our public and stakeholder meetings.

Community Enterprise are going to present the results of the consultation at an open public meeting which will be held on Thursday 28th May 2015 at 6:30pm in the halls of Larbert Old Church.

All are welcome to attend.

Falkirk Council Office Headquarters Consultation

Falkirk Council is carrying out a pre-application consultation on the proposal for the demolition of the Municipal Buildings Complex/Westbank Centre and erection of new headquarters facility for Falkirk Council, including upgrading the site access.

Falkirk Council is seeking views from local residents and local businesses up to 31st July 2015. This is in advance of the submission of a planning application for the proposal.

Falkirk Council is holding the following 3 drop in consultation events:

  •  Howgate Shopping Centre, Tuesday 2 June 11am – 4pm
  •  Howgate Shopping Centre, Friday 5 June 11am – 4pm
  •  Howgate Shopping Centre, Saturday 6 June 1pm – 4pm

You can access more information on the consultation by clicking here.

The pre-application notice can be viewed here: Council HQ PAC

Local car club – would you be interested in one?

Falkirk Council has arranged for a brief presentation at our meeting on Monday evening from Richard Armitage – who helped set Edinburgh City Car Club up – to explain how it all works and give an opportunity for those interested to see a car club car, and its in-car booking system.

In partnership with Carplus (www.carplus.org.uk), Falkirk Council is carrying out the Falkirk Car Club Feasibility Study which will consider local demand and investigate the expected take up of car club membership.

If you are interested in hearing more about it, please come along to our meeting on Monday evening (27th April) at 7:15pm in the halls of Larbert Old Church. Please note this was a late request and is not on our published agenda.

More information will follow after our meeting but here is some brief information on the benefits we have been advised of in advance of our meeting:

“Owning your own car can really be a hassle – repairs, servicing and renewing insurance – always something to worry about. But what if you could leave all that to somebody else? What if you could walk down the street and climb into a clean, new car that has its own guaranteed parking space, and drive away? That’s what a car club can do for you – all the convenience of a car without the stress of owning one. Just book online or by phone, and you’re sorted. A car when you need one, not when you don’t. If you drive less than 6-8,000 miles per year then a car club could save you up to £3,500 a year. Replacing a second family car with car club membership can bring even more cash savings. A lot of people don’t notice the true costs of running a car, but when you add up the cost of tax, MOT, fuel, servicing, repairs, depreciation and parking you could be looking at an average of over a hundred pounds a week!”