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Dart Energy Planning Appeals Update

The Community Council received the following update from the Case Officer at the Directorate For Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) today in relation to the Dart Energy planning appeals (PPA-240-2032 & PPA-390-2029):

“I am writing to confirm that Scottish Ministers have decided that the appeals should be recalled for their own determination given there is a high level of public interest in these proposals. There was considerable interest in this issue during the drafting of the Scottish Planning Policy (SPP), recently finalised. In light of this interest and relevance to the implementation of the SPP, Ministers consider there to be a national interest that would be best served by further scrutiny of these proposals.

The reporters will now therefore submit a report, with recommendations to Scottish Ministers, who will make the final decision on these appeals.”

We will continue to post any updates here.

For further information on the appeal, go to: http://www.dpea.scotland.gov.uk/ and search under case reference PPA-240-2032

To view the Scottish Government’s news release on the decision, see: http://news.scotland.gov.uk/News/Planning-appeals-recalled-113e.aspx