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January 2017 – Community Council Meeting

The January meeting of the Community Council will take place on Monday 30th January 2017 at 715pm in the halls of Larbert Old Church.

All are welcome to attend and contribute to discussions.

As well as our standing agenda items and monthly reports from Police Scotland, the Community Safety Team and Larbert High School, we will be discussing ongoing anti-social behaviour issues in the Kinnaird Village area and receiving an update on the activities of the Tryst Community Sports Club.

To view the papers for the meeting, please click on the following links:

If you are unable to attend but have a matter you would like to raise, please post a comment here or e-mail us on lst-cc@virginmedia.com

Bus Service Provision – The Inches/Kinnaird Village

Falkirk Council’s Transport Planning Unit has received a number of requests to review the route of Service 59 between Letham and Falkirk. Some passengers have expressed concern about the journey time and reliability of the current route, which operates via The Inches/Kinnaird and Forth Valley Royal Hospital. All subsidised bus services are due to be retendered in 2016 and as part of this process, Falkirk Council will be considering a number of options for the future of Service 59.

Falkirk Council is now consulting with local residents to help them to provide the most appropriate service for residents of The Inches and Kinnaird Village if Service 59 is diverted to operate via a more direct route.

In order to assist with this consultation process a questionnaire has been designed to gather comments from local residents. The questionnaire can be accessed by clicking here: The Inches Questionnaire.

Please return this form to Falkirk Council, Development Services, Abbotsford House, Davids Loan, Falkirk, FK2 7YZ or email a scanned copy to transportplanning@falkirk.gov.uk

Responses should be received by 15 April 2016.



Kinnaird Village – Proposals for prohibition of parking on McIntyre Avenue around Kinnaird Primary School

Falkirk Council proposes to make an Order to prohibit waiting at any time on McIntyre Avenue in the vicinity of Kinnaird Primary School. The Order is to be made in the interests of road safety and to ensure the free passage of traffic is maintained and improve visibility for drivers and pedestrians crossing the road.

To view the Order and a map showing the area where parking/waiting will be prohibited, please click here: TRO-15-014

Anyone wishing to comment or object to the Order should do so in writing to Falkirk Council by 16th July 2015. This can be done by e-mail to adteam3.ds@falkirk.gov.uk or post to Head of Roads and Design, Abbotsford House, David’s Loan, Falkirk FK2 7YZ

Strange Smells Update – Response from Falkirk Council

As advised we wrote to Falkirk Council and received the under-noted response from the Council’s Environmental Health and Trading Standards Manager. We have noted that the first smell complaint the Community Council received on our Facebook page was on 12th September pre-dated the spreading noted in the response and the most recent on the 9th October after completion of the spreading.

We would welcome any comments you may have on Falkirk Council’s response in order that we can agree a response as appropriate to Falkirk Council – please post your comments here or e-mail them to us at: lst-cc@virginmedia.com

In addition, Falkirk Council has advised the direct phone number for registering smell complaints is 01324 504982. We would urge residents to continue to register any ongoing smell complaints in the area as soon as you detect them in order that they can be investigated.

Falkirk Council’s response:

“I can confirm that enhanced treated sewage sludge was being spread onto fields at Kersebrock farm, from the 22nd September till the 25th, ploughing continued until the 29th. During this period there was an easterly wind which unfortunately blew the resultant odours across the Larbert/Torwood area. The odours were eliminated as soon as the material was ploughed into the ground, however unfortunately there was a delay with the plough completing the work due to adverse ground conditions. The last complaint received at this office was on the 30th September at which time officers checked the area and did not detect any odours.

Further spreading took place at Kersebrock on the 2nd & 3rd October, however there was a westerly wind and no complaints were received and officers monitoring the area did not detect any odours in the vicinity. The farmer who owns a number of fields to the west of Larbert has been contacted and confirmed that he has not been spreading any kind of fertiliser in the area. Officers have checked the area west and south west of Larbert and there are no signs of agricultural activity that would cause any odours. Officers have not been aware of any odours in the area since the 26th September, and no complaints have been received since the 29th. An officer checked the area again on 8th October and there was no odour or signs of agricultural activity in the area.

It has been confirmed that the sludge used at Kersebrock farm complies with the Sludge (Use in Agriculture) Regulations and the DETR Code of Practise for Agricultural Use of Sewage Sludge.

Due to its nature, sewage sludge will always have an associated odour while spreading operations take place. If the material is ploughed into the ground, the odour will disappear quickly thereafter, however if the sludge is to be used as a “top dressing” then it will lie on the surface of the field and the odour may be present for several days (depending on the weather).

The spreading operations have been carried out in compliance with government legislation and relevant guidance. Consequently council officers have no grounds or powers to prevent further spreading.

I would recommend that constituents contact this office when there is an odour present in order that the matter may be investigated promptly.”

Spreading Near Inches/Kinnaird Village

Following concerns raised with us of the ongoing strong smell around the Inches/Kinnaird Village, we contacted the Environmental Health section of Falkirk Council this morning for an update. They advised they had visited the area this morning. They advised that the spreading on the fields near the Inches/Kinnaird stopped on Thursday. There is still a section of the fields which has been spread but is waiting to be ploughed. They have contacted the farmer for an update on the spreading/ploughing schedule. Some of the spreading materials were delivered to the area in advance of the spreading which is likely to have caused some smells over the last couple of weeks. Environmental health will keep us informed and if we receive any updates, we will post them here.

In the interim, please continue to report any issues and concerns to Falkirk Council on 01324 506070 or by e-mail on contact.centre@falkirk.gov.uk