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Proposed Residential Development – Stirling Road, Larbert – UPDATED PROPOSALS AND PUBLIC EXHIBITION

The Community Council has received a Proposal of Application from Gladman Scotland in relation to a forthcoming application for planning permission in principle for residential development, access, landscaping, open space and associated works, on land at Stirling Road, Larbert.

A Public Exhibition will be held by Gladman Scotland on Tuesday 13th June at Larbert Bowling Club, Pretoria Road, Larbert, FK5 4NB from 3.00pm until 7.00pm. A series of exhibition boards will be displayed providing the background to the proposals and identifying the factors which will influence the proposals.

Representatives from Gladman Scotland will attend to talk you through the updated proposals should you wish to attend.

Alternatively, Gladman Scotland has created a website which will be kept up to date as matters progress, see www.your-views.co.uk/larbert .

Comments can be submitted to Gladman Scotland up to 25th July 2017. Full details of how to comment are on the website.

Please note, any comments made at this stage do not replace the formal planning application consultation process, where representations should be made directly to Falkirk Council once a planning application has been submitted.

New Housing Development Consultation – Stirling Road, Larbert

Gladman Scotland held a Public exhibition today (28th June 2016) to consult with the local community on its plans for houses on existing farm land adjacent to Stirling Road in Larbert.

The plans being proposed include:
• Around 90 new homes.
• Mix of housing types – from terraced to detached properties (limited to 2 storeys).
• 25% affordable homes.
• New junction and access road from Stirling Road.
• Footpath links between Stirling Road and Larbert Loch.
• Area of parkland to the west between the development and Larbert Loch.

If you missed today’s exhibition, you can view the exhibition boards by clicking here: http://www.your-views.co.uk/uploads/images/Larbert/160627_Larbert-June%20Consultation%20Board.pdf

You can provide feedback and respond to the consultation up to 22nd July 2016 by filling out the online questionnaire which can be found by clicking here: http://www.your-views.co.uk/larbert-comment/

Following the consultation period, it is intended that an application for Planning Permission in Principle would be submitted in due course to Falkirk Council by Gladmand Scotland which would include a Pre-Application Consultation (PAC) report. This PAC report will include details of how comments and suggestions have been taken on board.

Please share this information with any residents you know who may be interested in responding to this consultation.

[If you have any comments you would also like the Community Council to consider in relation to this proposal, please leave a comment here or e-mail us at lst-cc@virginmedia.com]

March 2016 Meeting Notification

The March meeting of the Community Council will be held in the Rennie Lounge of Larbert Old Church on Monday 28th March 2016 at 7:15pm.

•To view the agenda for the meeting and minutes from our February meeting, please go to: http://lstcommunitycouncil.org.uk/meetings/

As well as our standing agenda items and our monthly Police, Community Safety Team and Youth Reports, we will also specifically be discussing:

• The West Carron landfill site planning application

• The 2 planning applications for the redevelopment of the former McCowan’s factory in Stenhousemuir

• The Todhill Windfarm Community Council Micro-Grant Fund Scheme

All are welcome to attend the meeting and to contribute to discussions or to raise any issues.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but have any matters you wish to raise with us, please e-mail us as soon as possible on lst-cc@virginmedia.com or post a comment here.

Falkirk Local Development Plan Adopted

The Falkirk Local Development Plan (LDP) is the statutory document which guides future development in the Falkirk Council area for the period 2014-2034. It was adopted by Falkirk Council on 16 July 2015.

The LDP contains a vision for the area, an overall strategy, and detailed policies and proposals indicating where development should, or should not take place. It provides criteria which Falkirk Council uses in assessing planning applications.

To view the adopted LDP & area maps, please click here.

In addition to the LDP itself, Falkirk Council produces Supplementary Guidance which provides further more detailed guidance on certain policies in the LDP. To view the Supplementary Guidance, please click here.

Falkirk Council is now starting work on a review of the plan. For more details, please click here.

Falkirk Local Development Plan – Consultation on Supplementary Guidance

Falkirk Council is preparing and consulting on a range of Supplementary Guidance (SG) which will accompany the Local Development Plan (LDP). At this stage, they have published, and are seeking comments on the following three draft Supplementary Guidance notes:

SG04 Shopfronts – Revised SG which provides design guidance for businesses making a planning application to alter, refurbish or replace shopfronts.

SG11 Healthcare and New Housing Development – New SG which provides guidance to developers on the level of financial contributions expected where new residential development is proposed within an area where there are deficiencies in healthcare facilities.

SG15 Low and Zero Carbon Development – New SG which provides guidance and advice to developers on how low and zero carbon development technologies may be incorporated into the development process to ensure that there has been an overall reduction in C02 emissions to meet Building Standard Regulations.

These SGs are part of a series of seventeen SG notes which are linked to the LDP and will provide further detailed guidance and interpretation to support the planning policies contained in it. Under the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997, as amended, SG now has a statutory basis and forms a part of the development plan.

Copies of the documents are available online via the Council’s website www.falkirk.gov.uk/sg or can be viewed at Abbotsford House, One Stop Shops and libraries during normal opening hours.

If you wish to make comments on the draft SG notes please make them in writing using the following contact details by Friday 3rd July 2015:

•By email to ldp@falkirk.gov.uk
•By post to Falkirk Council, Development Services, Planning and Environment Unit, Abbotsford House, David’s Loan, Falkirk FK2 7YZ

If there are any matters you wish the Community Council to consider in relation to these documents, please leave a comment here or e-mail us at lst-cc@virginmedia.com

Falkirk Council Office Headquarters Consultation

Falkirk Council is carrying out a pre-application consultation on the proposal for the demolition of the Municipal Buildings Complex/Westbank Centre and erection of new headquarters facility for Falkirk Council, including upgrading the site access.

Falkirk Council is seeking views from local residents and local businesses up to 31st July 2015. This is in advance of the submission of a planning application for the proposal.

Falkirk Council is holding the following 3 drop in consultation events:

  •  Howgate Shopping Centre, Tuesday 2 June 11am – 4pm
  •  Howgate Shopping Centre, Friday 5 June 11am – 4pm
  •  Howgate Shopping Centre, Saturday 6 June 1pm – 4pm

You can access more information on the consultation by clicking here.

The pre-application notice can be viewed here: Council HQ PAC

Local Development Plan – Examination Report

Falkirk Council has issued the following update on the Falkirk Local Development Plan following the publication of the Examination Report. The Proposed Plan contains a vision, spatial strategy, policies and proposals indicating how the Falkirk Council area should develop over the plan period, 2014-34, including new housing, economic development, infrastructure and green network proposals.

“LDP Examination Report Issued

The Examination Report for the Falkirk Local Development Plan was published on 6 March 2015, just over a year after the Proposed Plan was submitted by the Council to Scottish Ministers. The Report, prepared by Reporters from the Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeals, gives recommendations on each of the 29 unresolved issues raised by representations to the plan.

The Examination process has involved a number of further information requests from Reporters to the Council and other parties. However, there have been no inquiry sessions or hearings.

The Reporters’ have generally supported the Council’s approach to strategic housing land targets and supply, but have recommended additional policy wording to cover the situation should a housing land shortfall occur during the life of the plan. There have been relatively few recommendations to change allocated housing sites. Three sites have been recommended for removal from the plan – Wood Street, Grangemouth, and Duke Street and Nethermains Road, Denny – while one small site has been added at Pretoria Road, Larbert.

Likewise, there has been little change in terms of economic development sites, with just two sites at Lochlands, Larbert and Firs Park, Falkirk recommended for removal. Changes have been recommended to reflect the new National Developments in National Planning Framework (NPF) 3, including a proposal for carbon capture and storage which is to be identified schematically to the north east of Grangemouth Docks.

Various wording changes have been recommended to policies, including those on major hazards, town centres, renewable energy and minerals. A number of these are to take account of the new Scottish Planning Policy. The preparation of supplementary guidance on renewable energy technologies other than wind is also recommended. Policies for the provision of community infrastructure and affordable housing, and the infrastructure proposals in the plan, have been supported

The recommendations are largely binding on the Council, who now have to prepare and approve a modified plan to send off finally to Scottish Ministers. Thereafter adoption would take place, which is programmed to happen in June 2015.

The Examination Report can be viewed at www.falkirk.gov.uk/ldp .”

Dart Energy Coal Bed Methane Planning Appeals Update

The Community Council received the following advice from the Scottish Government’s Department for Planning & Environmental Appeals today in relation to the Dart Energy planning applications:

“Our refs: PPA-240-2032 & PPA-390-2029

6 February 2015

Dear Sir/Madam


I refer to the announcement made in the Scottish Parliament on 28 January 2015 by Mr Fergus Ewing, Minister for Business, Energy and Tourism, that there is to be a moratorium on granting consents for unconventional oil and gas developments in Scotland while further research and a public consultation is carried out. The moratorium is to continue until work including a full public health assessment, and a review of current planning guidance and environmental guidance, is complete.

Having regard to the announcement and to the fact that it is likely that further procedure will be required in these appeals in order to consider the outcome of the assessment and review and any other relevant matters that may arise before the moratorium comes to an end, the reporters will suspend work on their report to Ministers and the appeals will be sisted to await the outcome of that process.”

Falkirk Local Development Plan – Consultation on Supplementary Guidance

Falkirk Council is preparing and consulting on a range of Supplementary Guidance (SG) which will accompany the Local Development Plan (LDP). At this stage, they have published, and are seeking comments on the following three draft Supplementary Guidance notes: Continue reading

Dart Energy Planning Appeals Update

The Community Council received the following update from the Case Officer at the Directorate For Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) today in relation to the Dart Energy planning appeals (PPA-240-2032 & PPA-390-2029):

“I am writing to confirm that Scottish Ministers have decided that the appeals should be recalled for their own determination given there is a high level of public interest in these proposals. There was considerable interest in this issue during the drafting of the Scottish Planning Policy (SPP), recently finalised. In light of this interest and relevance to the implementation of the SPP, Ministers consider there to be a national interest that would be best served by further scrutiny of these proposals.

The reporters will now therefore submit a report, with recommendations to Scottish Ministers, who will make the final decision on these appeals.”

We will continue to post any updates here.

For further information on the appeal, go to: http://www.dpea.scotland.gov.uk/ and search under case reference PPA-240-2032

To view the Scottish Government’s news release on the decision, see: http://news.scotland.gov.uk/News/Planning-appeals-recalled-113e.aspx