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Important Message from Police Scotland – Sneak In Thefts

The local Inspector from Police Scotland has been in touch with us asking is we could help spread the message that residents should be making sure they lock their house doors, even when they are at home. We would be grateful if you could share this message and ensure that any vulnerable neighbours or family members and friends are aware of the issues taking place locally.

There was a sneak in theft at a house near the entrance to The Inches estate a couple of days ago. The two occupiers left their home, each taking a car. Their teenage son was at home, but with the cars missing the property appeared unoccupied to someone looking from the main road. The son was at the rear of the house, with his ear phones on, when someone sneaked in through the front door and made his way into one of the bedrooms. They stole jewellery before leaving through the front door again. The teenager never heard a thing.

The Police have also had reports of persons hanging round houses who have newish and/or sporty, cars in the drive. People gaining access into houses, either by insecure doors or windows, or through breaking in (through patio doors mainly) has been something they’ve been seeing over the last year or so. The suspects then look for electrical items and car keys. On taking the car keys, they use them to steal the car. On one occasion, the householders car was stolen under these circumstances, but they didn’t realise the spare keys for their second car had also been taken. The perpetrators came back the next night and removed the second car, which was obviously very distressing for the family.

The Police have a good record in both detecting these crimes, and also in recovering stolen vehicles. They carry out pro-active patrols where they can, and they target nightshift road checks in key areas. Prevention is obvioulsy better than cure though, and they need everyone’s help to stop people becoming a victim of crime.

The key message is that residents should be looking to hide their vehicle keys where they won’t be easilly found by thieves. Some people are in the habit of leaving keys in view of windows and criminals are becoming practiced in ‘fishing’ keys through open windows or letter boxes.

Please be security conscious and help prevent future crimes of this nature by sharing this information.

Many thanks.